And I want to end the story there. It makes sense to end there.

Structurally, it’s the best place. We completed an arc, a Cinderella story: slipped the glass slipper on and found out it fit. This is how the story should end, it’s how these kinds of stories are told. They feel good, they feel hopeful, they let us know that maybe everything will be alright.

And the slipper did fit. I did feel that door shut behind me, I did feel the fresh air and the sunlight and God at my back.

And that’s where I want it to end. I want to smile and say “That’s all folks! I’m great now! It all went great, things are going so well!”

But it didn’t end there. Nothing ended there. It all kept going. And things are still messy. Things didn’t become simple, or easy, or clear. And some things got better. Some things got a lot better. But some things got worse.

Everything kept going. I kept going.