When I kissed you,

I put my name in your mouth,

And I took yours from you.


I rolled it across my tongue, and tasted it.

The spice and the sugars, the esters and sparks of your name.


It dissolved in my mouth.

And I could hear your voice in my head.

When your name dissolved with bubbles like champagne.


And I heard the crack, felt you bite down on my name and shatter it like hard candy,

 like a jewel in your mouth in a thousand sweet pieces.


Chewed up my name and swallowed it while yours sparkled down my throat.



I took from you, you took from me.

You bit, and I let my


                                                                do the work.


Of breaking us down and taking us into each other.

Me in you, and you in me,

Our names.

Eaten up like candy.